Adopt an animal

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fotowettbewerb 30 20121031 2082859881

European wildcat, juvenil (Felis silvestris)

fotowettbewerb 11 20121031 1662899745

Alpine lake cold water aquarium

fotowettbewerb 37 20121031 1138098710

Black stork (Ciconia nigra)

How does it work?

Just pick your favourite animal (s) online or from the list, complete the application sheet and mail it to us online or deliver it at the zoo entrance. In this list you find the monthly share for every species, which you transfer to our bank account.

How much is it?

For private animal adoptions the costs are from monthly € 10,- bis € 75,- more

Your adoption starts as soon as you have paid the adoption fee:
IBAN: AT06 2050 3012 0000 0907 (BIC SPIHAT22)

What do I receive?

your benefits of a monthly adoption are:

  • a personal adoption certificate
  • fascinating facts and pictures of your animal
  • invitation to the godfather’s celebration day

for a whole year adoption you get:

  • your name is displayed on the godfather’s board
  • a free annual ticket
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us: +43/(0)512 29 23 23.