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About 80 different species of mammal can be found in the Alps. Most of them are small animals – bats, mice, shrews etc. A visit to the Alpenzoo will give you an opportunity to observe and enjoy many typical alpine animals, such as the Alpine Ibex, the Chamois, the Alpine Marmot or the European Bison which can weigh up to 1000 kg.


Alces    Alpine Ibex    Alpine Marmot    Brown Bear    Beaver

Chamois    European Bison    European Otter    European Wildcat     Harvest Mouse

Lynx    Pine Marten     Roe Deer    Snow Hare    Wild Boar    Wolf


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Show farm

If you visit our show farm at the Alpenzoo you will discover that the Alps are not only home to a wide variety of wild animals but too many breeds of farm animals as well. Farming in the Alps used to be very hard work. Farm animals were bred to meet the specific requirements of small-scale farming in the various regions of the Alps – thus the wide diversity of species. These old breeds are not only an important part of our farming heritage they are also an invaluable addition to modern farming.

fowl   cattle    sheep    pigs    goats