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The Alps - A Mosaic of Diverse Habitats

The Alps are not just high mountains but you will also find deep gorges, cultivated valleys and gently rolling hills. Some areas are exceedingly remote, others densely populated. There are lakes, rivers with wetlands, thermally favoured spots, bogs and swamps, deciduous and coniferous forests, alpine meadows and glaciers. In other words the Alps are a highly diversified area on a very small scale and that not only in regard to habitat and environment but also in regard to climate, soil and geological structure. The resulting biodiversity is amazing: at least 30 000 different animal species (mostly insects) are estimated to inhabit the region and about 4500 plant species grow in the area.


Biodiversity and the Alpenzoo

The Alpenzoo can only offer you a glimpse of alpine flora and fauna. We accommodate about 2000 animals in all, mainly vertebrates: 20 of the 80 alpine mammal species, 60 bird, 11 reptile and 6 amphibian species as well as nearly all alpine fish species.

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